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Level 10, 271 Collins St · Melbourne

How to find us

Use the entrance next to Lindt cafe head towards the lifts located near the Post Office inside 271 Collins St. Use the lifts to get up to Level 10. Lift access from 6-9pm.

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The art of storyboarding

Presenter: Varuna Sood


In this presentation, Varuna will talk about the art of storyboarding, it’s history, why create one and how to build your content by storyboarding. Think of storyboarding as visualising your content in animations.

With storyboarding you can tell the story in the simple form (storyboard reels) before entering the more complex form.

With your ideas on paper, you can visualise and arrange them into a logical sequence. It helps you look at the bigger picture. It is also important to keep an open mind when creating your storyboard.

In sum, storyboard will help

• Turn your ideas into a logical and discernible narrative

• Visualise how your key points can translate into a PowerPoint presentation, or a design, process document etc.

About the presenter

Varuna Sood is a software and network engineer by academics and studied at Deakin University. She wrote technical blogs while studying and is a geek at heart.

Alongside she loved writing and hence forayed into technical writing and instructional designing. Her hobbies are dancing, gardening and martial arts. She is also a part-time wellness coach with Herbalife.


Documenting product development - one experiment at a time

Presenter: Anuj Luthra, Director of Engineering, Redbubble


Anuj will discuss some best practices on documenting the product development process which includes user research, online experimentation, data analysis and most importantly, next steps.

It's all about telling a logical story and should make it easy to explain what we are doing and why. He will look at some real situations and keep it interesting.

About the presenter

Anuj has been leading product development teams for quite a while and has learnt some important things about documenting the tricky process.


Note: You will be required to sign an NDA as this event is being hosted at office premises (Redbubble).