The great Australian remote WTD meetup

This is a past event

40 people went

Needs a location


What is a lightning talk?

Lightning talks are short, to the point talks on a topic. They usually do not require any preparation or slides.

What are they about?

You can choose any topic that you think would be relevant to your peers. It could be a process you use at work that you think is undervalued, your thoughts on the future of our industry, your experience with a tool, or even a frustration that you are having and would like help solving. If you want to try your hand at presenting but don't feel like you have a worthy topic, we will help you select an interesting, but a simple topic to talk about!

I am not a good speaker.

Do you know what all great speakers have in common? Every one of them started off as having never spoken in public before. You don't need to have any experience or to be an expert on the topic. This is your chance to try it out and to give back to the community. And yes, there will be experienced public speakers in the group to help you if you need tips on speaking.


Lightning talks

Leticia Mooney "Why remote meetups are the way of the future?"

Shauna McGee Kinney "Managing groups of independent writers"

Brice Fallon "Why don't Mario games come with instruction books anymore?"

Sarah Maddox "One word or two? How to teach the difference between “login” and “log in”, and other mind-bogglingly important compound words"

Lana Brindley "Facebook, Dynamite, Uber, Bombs, and Tech Writers"



David Ryan "Devrel is the new techcomms"

Swapnil Ogale "Release Notes, Release Notes everywhere..."


Meet over Google Hangouts + Youtube.

WTD members across Australia can join in remotely.

What to bring

Patience, decent internet and Headphones/earphones.