What we're about

Write/Speak/Code is on a mission to promote the visibility and leadership of technologists with marginalized genders through peer-led professional development via conference speaking, open source, self-care, career mentorship and more.

Our community is open to and our content is designed for people whose gender or gender history is marginalized within tech. We define those gender groups as:

All women technologists (trans, non-binary, and cis)

All trans technologists (trans women, trans men, and trans non-binary folks)

All non-binary technologists (including GNC, gender-fluid, genderqueer, agender folks, etc)

We want to equip people from these groups to overcome both the internal and external effects of that marginalization by identifying, expanding, and sharing their expertise with the support of an engaged peer network.

Most meet ups are for those who align with the identities above, have written a line of code and can explain what it does, including developers, designers, data scientists, e-book publishers, and more.

All attendees, speakers, mentors, etc., are expected to abide by the Write/Speak/Code Code of Conduct (http://www.writespeakcode.com/about/code-of-conduct/).

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Write/Speak/Code Lightning Talks!


NOTE: There is limited space for this event. Please change your RSVP should your plans change. **This Meetup is only for those who identify as a woman or non-binary person. This Meetup will be a chance for you to practice speaking and give feedback to others! Are you planning to speak at an event for the first time? Do you need to practice a talk for a large conference? This is the perfect opportunity to speak about an idea, a technology that you've been tinkering with, or a pet project that you've been working on. Lightning talks can be anywhere from 1 - 15 minutes long. Speakers of all levels are encouraged to present. Although not necessary, feel free to bring slides or code. Sign up to talk here: https://goo.gl/forms/IZQ7qu2n0OGOGdc43 (preferred) or list your talk when you RSVP. *Submitted talks will be listed soon! ++++ Schedule ++++ 6pm - 6:30pm - Dinner and networking 6:30pm - 6:45pm - Introductions 6:45pm - 8:30pm - Lightning Talks ++++ Thank You Table XI ++++ Table XI is a Chicago-based design and development company, focused on building web and mobile applications for mid-market companies. More than 100 clients from all over the world have trusted Table XI to provide advice and deliver results - see our website to hear their stories (www.tablexi.com)

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