Past Meetup

The Artist's Way - an Artist's Way Cluster (Ch 9 & 10)


Using tools from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way, we will explore getting onto the page and getting out of our own way as artists.

We will meet on Saturday afternoons every other week for 12 weeks to support each other with the tools, brainstorm ideas for ways to play with our creative muse, and to chat about the material in a low-pressure environment.

During this meeting we will discuss the material in the chapters that cover weeks 9 and 10.

If you've always wanted to write or if you're a seasoned writer, then this group will help you get moving. If you're a creative artist of some other medium, or even if you've never tried art and want to be more creative, then join us.

You'll need a copy of the book, The Artist's Way, which is available for purchase from your favorite bookseller; you can also get a copy from the library.