What we're about

We’re a group for writers of all kinds to get together, socialise and motivate each other.

You’ve been playing with this idea in your head for goodness knows how long, maybe you’re in the process of writing but you’ve hit a brick wall, then again you could be a recognised artist and you want to bestow some great truth to those in the early stages of literature creation.

Each meeting is split into three separate parts, each lasting 30 minutes.

Part one: have a relaxed catch up with fellow writers.
Part two: we write!
Part three: we are able (but not obligated) to share and discuss our writing.

Past events (8)

Shut Up & Write!

iCafe (Merchant City)

Initial Meeting

iCafe (Merchant City)

Come One, Come All! (not exclusive to poets)

Needs a location

Creative writing

Needs a location

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