What we're about

For writers who are serious about finally getting something finished. Whether you are working on your first screenplay or third novel, let's get together and make it happen. I am an author, television and screenplay writer and have learned that there's nothing like a community of writers to encourage and push one another to the finish line. I will share tips and resources with the group and want this to be an exchange of information and ideas to help someone overcome the insecurities and lack of support in expressing their creativity through writing. Eventually, I'd like to meet once weekly and set goals and objectives. Because writers, write, right?


This group’s focus is writing. It is expected that you are in the process of writing or developing something to be written. The purpose is to create a safe space to WRITE and gain valuable feedback from fellow writers.

This group is not about building a fan base or marketing. Feel free to speak about your work but unless someone specifically asks to read your work OR the session is about reading each other’s work, prepare to WRITE.

For the purposes of the first meet up, we will discuss the challenges each writer faces in getting their writing finished.

Unless otherwise indicated, regular sessions are expected to go as follows:

Brief Introductions (10 mins.)

Session Goal Setting (5 mins.)

Timed Writing (60 mins.)

Discussion (15 mins.)

OPTIONAL Networking (20 mins.)

Bring your laptop or something to write with because WE WILL WRITE!

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