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Emotional StoryTelling w/Tim Rumsey
Ever read a book you couldn’t put down? Watched a movie or listened to a spoken word performer you couldn’t tear your eyes from? Writers call that The Spell and artists dream about putting audiences in that state consistently. At the new Open Mic series sponsored by Writers of Central Florida or Thereabouts - called Touch The Heart - the basic premise is simple. To put audiences in The Spell. To touch their hearts as well as their heads. Make them laugh, cry, feel wistful, feel sadness and suspense, etc. To touch hearts like the creators of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, Forrest in Forrest Gump or Auggie Pullman in Wonder. Now, Touch The Heart means touching readers emotionally, but it does not mean producing sticky sentimental pieces that deny or minimize the struggles and suffering of life. In fact, Touch The Heart stories often feature characters who are flawed or imperfect in some way. We loved Indiana Jones even more when we learned of his fear of snakes. (“He’s scared of stuff, just like us.”) We know George Bailey has his flaws, but it is those very flaws that makes him relatable, that endears him to us. Melvin (Jack Nicholson) in As Good as It Gets is a deeply flawed character. He does some very unlikeable things. Which is why we loved him so much more when we see his vulnerable, his caring, his heart. So, whether you are a traditional storyteller, a slam poet, a novelist, a page poet, a screen writer, a short story writer, a stand-up comic – we invite you to come to our open mic to join a community of artists who will inspire and encourage you to write pieces like Touch the Heart, that will accelerate your ability to deliver your own unique version of stories like ET, Forrest Gump, It’s a Wonderful Life. We guarantee lots of creativity, learning, and fun! We look forward to seeing and hearing you. Hosted by esteemed storyteller and Philadelphia Eagle fan, Tim Rumsey. Free to attend, free to participate, free to sit back and enjoy. Still another presentation of Writers of Central Florida or Thereabouts...

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Imagine a roomful of baseball coaches, talking about the game, the greats, the might-have-beens, why on earth did the American League implement the designated hitter? Fun for those who love baseball. And then think about Thanksgiving. You want to talk about writing, but hesitate. No one will understand your need to write. And comments such as “that’s nice” and “it must be so fulfilling” will do little to satisfy. So you spent the rest of the day listening to commentary on the weather and assorted aches and pains.

Now imagine a roomful of like-minded individuals, a forum for you to discuss anything you want about your craft. A chance for aspiring and published writers to discuss writing with those who also dream and write. If you want a critique, we’ll give you a critique. If you want to read pages and see your audience’s reaction, we’ll react. If you want to discuss writing in general, we’ll discuss. And if you just want to listen, simply blend into the crowd, please don’t hesitate to stop by and listen.

No matter your genre, we encourage you to attend. Fiction or non-fiction, mystery or horror, romance or science fiction, short story or novel, historical drama or fantasy, blog or journal, no matter. If you’re a screenwriter or poet, a journalist or essayist, please come by. If you write supernatural romance with a hint of historical reference, we’d love to meet you. If you write children’s books, please bring art. If you write about women, then I’m prepared to learn. And while some will have no background in writing and others will have significant experience, everyone in the room will be same. We each have a desire to put pen to paper.

We hope you can join us and make this group everything you imagine.

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