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*** CANCELLED THIS WEEK There is no Brighton Write Together on Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

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What we're about

Focused, Quiet Writing Time in the Company of Other Writers.

This group was inspired by the London Writing Together group and is for people in or near Brighton who write or who seriously want to.

The format is simple: a host organises a session anywhere comfortable, e.g. in a café or peaceful pub, in their lounge, or maybe in a random nearby village. We then write for an hour and a half straight. We work on our own and set our own targets. What you write is up to you.

The whole point is: you are not alone in the creative process. Others are around you, typing, scribbling or looking out into the distance. Their company will help you stay focused, stop you from drifting, and keep on writing.


* Distractions must be kept to a minimum, so no mobile phones, internet or talking. Just pretend you're in a library. Sssh!

* If you really have to do be noisy, then do it away from the group.

* Writers work on their own projects. No sharing or judgement of work (during any socialising at the end, writers may agree to share each others' work "outside the group" if they wish).

* The show must go on! If the host is a no show then find the other writers and get writing. There are no excuses for not writing.

* When events are at a commercial venue (e.g. cafe, restaurant) buy something, anything to make us welcome there. Think of it as a venue fee. DO NOT bring your own food & drink. This makes us look really bad.


* We are not a critique or workshop group. Your work will not be reviewed. However, this does not stop members from organising workshop-style meetups separately from this group if they wish.

* We are not a social group during the writing. People work in silence. We can do the socialising after sessions.


Bring your unfinished project e.g. novel, short story, screenplay, poem etc. Bring pen & paper, computer or whatever you like using. If it's electronic please check the battery will last because venues might not have power sockets available (check with the organiser on this) .


After the session time is up, we are free to talk, socialise and share experiences with fellow writers. Almost anything goes. We might decide to go for a drink or a walk by the sea. It is also perfectly acceptable to come just for the writing and leave politely straight after.


Writers want to write as much as they can. Let's make it happen. With such a simple idea, it should be possible for lots of hosts to run regular meetups all over the place. The more choices the better. Here are some guidelines:

* Anyone can suggest an event

* Event title must start with hours and location e.g. "2hrs at the Splendid Cafe"

* First-time host must run one event before adding more events (i.e. do one and see if you like it)

* Meetings should be at a venue and time that is convenient to the host, so that they are happy to run them often


I don't know how long these meetups will run for. I am keeping them free of charge and they should arise out of a love of writing and a passion for the literary and creative journey, which it can be so fulfilling to share with others, whether in silence or through the the socialising that can ensue afterwards.

I want these meetups to be enjoyable and productive. If you have an idea to share, please message me. Feel free to suggest suitable venues as well as they are not always easy to find. We can also organise other forms of literary meetups and activities, depending on the wishes of members.

Thank you for reading. Until we meet,


Current organiser's note:

I took over running this group from someone who took over from Thomas, and while I've edited the above statement, and generally agree with it, the group as it is now is more relaxed than the bold caps and rules make out. It is still very much about quiet, focused writing though, so if you have a project - anything from a novel to an academic paper - please come along and enjoy the unique atmosphere of writing in the company of other writers.


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