What we're about

If you want to sit down and write, but can't seem to make the time on your own, this meetup is for you. There are no excuses and no distractions, just a collection of writers quietly motivating each other to keep going.

We're a friendly, supportive group for all kinds of writers, meeting somewhere in Hammersmith every other Tuesday. We're flexible, but generally the format will be something along these lines:

-The first hour of the meetup will be dedicated to writing. So bring your pens, laptops, and typewriters!

-In the second hour you'll have the opportunity to read a piece of your work to the group and get some feedback on it.

- After that, I think we've earned a few drinks!

Feel free to join us for the whole evening, or just the bit you're interested in. If you're struggling with motivation, come and work alongside other writers just like you. If you've been staring at your screen too long and you're not sure the words make sense anymore, come run it past us in the second half! Or maybe you just need a glass of wine with some friendly faces who understand the struggle.

Whether you're embarking on NaNoWriMo, starting a blog, or finishing up your tenth novel, we'd love to meet you.

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Write, get feedback & grab a drink

The Stonemasons Arms

Write, get feedback & grab a drink

Hammersmith Ram PUB

Bring a friend, network and share you work

Chateau Dessert


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