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Writing in the Margins is founded on the idea that there is transformative power in the act of writing, and that writing is a tool that belongs to everyone regardless of educational level or (mythical) "natural ability."

Writing in the Margins is focused on serving writers who are in the margins, such as members of the QUILTBAG and other sex and gender minorities, as well as writers who are differently abled, neurodivergent, poor, or survivors of trauma, and social justice advocates and allies who work with marginalized communities.

Identities that have remained hidden, sometimes even from ourselves, can wake and stretch on the page. Trauma can be healed. History can be examined and the present understood, the future can be shaped by our engagement with the transformative act of writing. We can let go of shame. We can embrace, accept, and understand ourselves and the world around us. Writing in the Margins workshops invite us to engage with our desires, our anxieties, our selves.

All Writing in the Margins workshops are queer-friendly and gender-inclusive, and welcome participants of all abilities, ethnicities, educational and experience levels. Whether it’s your first time writing, or a return to a familiar practice, these workshops offer a welcoming, inclusive space, informed by pleasure-positive, trans*-inclusive, feminist safer space principles, for exploration and expression. There is never any obligation to share your just-written work with the group, and confidentiality is maintained in all workshops.

Writing in the Margins is a non-profit organization.

Tiffany Sostar is a queer, pleasure-positive feminist and activist. She is genderqueer, kinky, poly, neurodivergent and invisibly disabled. Writing has saved her life more than once, and continues to be an important part of her self-care. Through Writing in the Margins she offers safer space, inclusive and accessible workshops where participants can explore issues of gender, orientation, desire, fantasy, identity, history and ability. She is the founder of Possibilities Calgary Bisexual + Pansexual Community, and studies gender and sexuality at the University of Calgary in a combined Women’s Studies (Honours) and English (Honours, Creative Writing Concentration) degree. She is a goth on the inside and a community-building activist on the outside.

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