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That stories have consequences is at the heart of this monthly writing salon open to writers of all levels, working across all genres, fiction and nonfiction. We gather from around the world for philosophical conversations on writing in light of the mythopoetic writing theory Universal Grammar of Story™ developed by Dr. Hazel Denhart. In these salons we contemplate the ancient writer archetype, essential components of storytelling, and how to gracefully navigate writer’s block. We also consider the responsibility we have to our readers and audiences by recognizing that like our grown children our stories must leave us for the wider world where they influence others. Writers are the cultural scouts guiding society along the uncharted edges of an increasingly dangerous social frontier.

The salon is free to all with a suggested donation of $5.00 for those with the means to do so (donation link forthcoming). MeetUp now charges a fee of $360 per year for our meeting site.

To help sustain this community we are asking for a suggested donation of $5.00 to meet the cost for this platform and offer 'Writing for the Soul of the World " to the global writing community. In the past we have been generously sponsored by the Invisible Press. Our door is now open to other sponsors, including individual participants with the $5.00 or more donation.

All participants can find complementary chapters from Universal Grammar of Story and the companion workbook at:


For more information visit https://universalgrammarofstory.com (https://universalgrammarofstory.com/)

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Writing into Destiny: Do we write our stories or do they write themselves in us?

In all the decades I’ve been teaching, I have yet to meet a writer whose story developed exactly as it was imagined at the start. Stories come to us one way, only to shift and morph inevitably into something entirely different with full maturity. Like parents holding a newborn child, we writers too have an overwhelming instinct to nurture our creation. And like parents, we too experience the anguishing reality that our vision for it is not its vision for itself. Stories are autonomous entities coming into the world bearing their own destiny regardless of what the writer might have wanted.
Join us for a short presentation and long conversation about the destiny of the writer’s story, as we contemplate to what degree the writer controls the story and to what degree the story controls the writer.

11 AM Pacific Time USA
1:00PM Central Time USA
2:00 PM Eastern Time USA
18:00 / 6:00 PM London
00:00/ 12 midnight Bishkek

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Writing as a Sacred Act

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