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Wrocław TypeScript #12: Giving Back

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Damian P. and 4 others
Wrocław TypeScript #12: Giving Back


🔊 Talks

👨🏻 Piotr Monwid-Olechnowicz: Fixing TypeScript problems of react-three-fiber (30 min)

I fixed a few TypeScript problems of react-three-fiber, the reconciler for 3D graphics in React.
I have encountered few interesting problems along the way, including a use case for TypeScript Compiler API. I'm gonna walk you through the cool parts.

About Piotr:

Likes coffee almost as much as typed functional programming. Firm believer in cheap code optimized for change. Writes stuff at

Piotr in social media:

👨‍💼Evan Seaward: Coding Adventure: Contributing to the TypeScript ecosystem (30 min)

Come with me on a coding adventure where I attempt to contribute to the typescript ecosystem. Let’s explore how one goes about "contributing" and some of the good and bad things one might come across...

About Evan:

Australian Senior Front-end Developer escaping the inhospitable 🔥 🐍 🦈 things of Australia working here in Wrocław at Fox Heap. Currently working with React & TypeScript.

Evan in social media:

And we have a bonus lightning talk 🔥

👨‍💼Jakub Neander: TypeScript all the way down (10 min)

Let's imagine a perfect world where programming is easy, network is reliable and TypeScript is in every corner. Does it sound interesting?! Let me take you for a short ride in this imaginary world with few jokes along the way.

Jakub on Twitter:

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