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Wrocław TypeScript #7: Lightning Types

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Damian P. and 4 others
Wrocław TypeScript #7: Lightning Types


Weʼre back after the summer 🏖

To make the transition easier, no lengthy talks will be presented. This meetup will consist of lightning talks only.

Rules of the game:

⚡️ Lightning talks only
⏱️ 5 minutes each
👏 We start clapping after 5 minutes


🎤 Kajetan Świątek: Type safety at runtime with JSON decoders

As we all know, TypeScript’s adds static typing and compile-time type checking to our beloved JavaScript. But wait… What about run-time? How do I know, that my application still gets valid data from the external REST API?

Don’t worry, JSON decoders come to the rescue!

During this talk, you’ll get a brief introduction to the concept of JSON decoders and how to use them in TypeScript.

About Kajetan:

Junior Angular Developer at Aptitude Software. Coding nerd. Learning-new-stuff lover. Hears coding buzzwords from a mile away and comes right away to join the talk.

🎤 Aleksandra Sikora: Higher-rank types

There is this thing that Haskell doesn't have (without any extra extensions) and TypeScript does. I will explain what are higher-rank types, what are their usages and why they are possible in TypeScript while needing an extension in Haskell.

About Aleksandra:

I'm a full-stack developer at Ingrid. Working with Go and TypeScript. Interested in functional programming.

🎤 Piotr Monwid-Olechnowicz: Refinement types

I'm gonna geek out about Refined TypeScript, tell a little bit about newtype-ts and reveal the surprising truth -- refinement types were with you since you wrote an if statement inside of a constructor function for the first time.

About Piotr:

Honest programming enthusiast. Software Gardener at Chop-Chop. He thinks x and xs are great variable names.

🎤 Karol Majewski: You’re Doing Generics Wrong

There seems to be an air of mystery around generics. Many web developers have not been exposed to this concept before they started using TypeScript. The basic intuition is there, but it's not enough to be proficient.

About Karol:

UI developer at Unsplash. Interested in typed functional programming, static analysis, and developer tools. Running

🎤 Damian Paszkowski: 5 Advanced Types I Cannot Live Without (you won’t believe #3!)

Have you ever said that you are fighting with types? Are you confused with 'keyof', 'infer', mapped types or conditional types? If yes then this lighting talk is for you!

🎤 Krzysztof Żuraw: TypeScript Explained

About Krzysztof:

I work as a frontend developer at Ingrid. For my work I really enjoy using TypeScript, React & Redux. If I am not coding I'm really into discovering awesome restaurants, enjoying good specialty coffee and doing some street workout.

🎤 Jakub Chodorowicz: Make your TS compiler less of CPU hog with this one trick

About Jakub:

Jakub is a software engineer working currently in Collibra office in Wroclaw. He's fighting ⚔ mainly on front-end front and using tools like TypeScript and React to build maintainable and bulletproof 🛡 web apps. Always ready to talk tech and life topics while sipping some yerba mate.

🎤 Evan Seaward: WebAssembly with TypeScript

As we have all probably heard by now WebAssembly is being heralded a game changer for the web, In this talk I shall demystify the process of creating WebAssembly modules with typescript, Why you should and when you should not.

About Evan:

Senior Front-end developer at Fox Heap, working with React and Typescript. Enjoys dabbling around with IoT (Robotics, Sensors).

🎤 Paweł Słomka: Pull your magic app out of the Docker hat

The world of TypeScript might be a bit overwhelming, but with Docker we can make the first step a little easier for people who now what they want to change, but don't know where to begin.

About Paweł:

Former full-stack and front-end dev, currently backend working exclusively with Go at Ingrid. Co-organizer and a speaker of GoWroc, with three conference appearances under my belt. Blogger at My Code Smells for too long already.

Plac Jana Pawła II 14 · Wrocław
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