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Wrocław TypeScript #10: Christmas Is Coming

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Damian P. and 4 others
Wrocław TypeScript #10: Christmas Is Coming


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Alex Dodge: Type Guards — Strongly Typing Flexible Code

Type guards are expressions which allow us to branch our code based on the shape of a union type without having to assert every time we use it.

We'll go into the various kinds of type guards, the benefits and pitfalls, and tips when incorporating them into a real codebase. In the process we'll refactor some code to see how they make our lives easier.

About Alex:
My name is Alex and I'm originally from Canada but living in Wrocław for the next year! I work for a company called REDspace and through them Warner Media. I'm a video developer who builds and maintains a video player and related libraries for the Warner Media video platform. I love all things TypeScript and wouldn't be able to survive my day to day without it. When I'm not tinkering on the open-source I'm usually out exploring new restaurants and pubs.

Michał Załęcki: Heads and Tails — Advanced Programming with Types

Have you wondered how far you can take the TypeScript type system? If your types can tell the exact returned value, is the implementation an afterthought? I want to share how trying to create a type for a seemingly simple function led me down a rabbit hole and taught me more about advanced TypeScript types than anything else so far. Let's talk about conditional types, inference, and recursion in TypeScript.

About Michał:
Senior Engineer at Tooploox. 💎 Coding out of Wroclaw, Poland 🇵🇱
Tech meetups speaker and organizer 🎤

Piotr Monwid-Olechnowicz: The Billion Dollar Lightning Talk. Maybe.

"Are you aware that you're giving a talk about this next week?" — Karol asked me on Slack. I ain't sending this dude screenshots of my code again.

I'll speak about problems with hard Option type (like the one from fp-ts)
mentioned in Rich Hickey's "Maybe Not" and present to you a foldable traversable monad instance you can use instead of Option to avoid the problems mentioned by Rich and use sweet TS3.7 syntax.

About Piotr:
Honest programming enthusiast. Does stuff at Chop-Chop.
He thinks x and xs are great variable names.

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