DevOps Wroclaw 2019-04: at SoftServe

DevOps Wroclaw
DevOps Wroclaw
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This DevOps Wroclaw meetup will be hosted at SoftServe office.

We will have two great talks:
18:15 – Talk #1
"Istio - when and why you should use it in your Kubernetes solution" [EN] by Piotr Kloskowski (SoftServe)

Kubernetes has fundamentally changed the way we approach application design and deployment patterns, but with this change comes a whole new set of challenges. Istio in conjunction with Kubernetes provides some of the missing components needed to successfully run and debug distributed applications in Kubernetes.
What is Istio? What does it really add to the Kubernetes party? What operational challenges does it actually address? Maybe it just adds more operational overhead without clear benefits for your solution? Do you really need it? These are some of the questions that we will try to answer in this talk.

About Piotr Kloskowski
A Hands-on DevOps Architect with over 7 years of professional experience in information systems, specializing in infrastructure, cloud, continuous delivery and automation. In the past few years worked on several mission critical cloud projects for UK Government building some of the highest profile digital services. Now works at SoftServe where is responsible for building flexible and scalable software solutions using public and private cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, MS Azure, Openstack leveraging Kubernetes orchestration. A firm believer in DevOps culture and advocate for everything-as-code.

19:15 – Talk #2
“Knative - new hero in serverless world” [EN] by Błażej Kwaśniak (SoftServe)

Back in the day serverless seems to be next big thing in DevOps world which supposed to change our daily job forever. So far we can find couple of projects which aims to bring serverless capabilities into our Kubernetes clusters. Let’s try to dig into some of those solutions and find out how do they really works and what is the actual use case. After that we would try to answer the question, how Knative is different from each of them ? Finally let’s try to figure out if we really need serverless solutions on our PaaS.

About speaker:
DevOps enthusiast with over 6 years of professional experience in various areas. Starting as a old school sysadmin and OpenStack magician with a bit of SDN, SDS etc. Currently focused on providing high scalable solutionions based on public cloud platforms and smoothly introducing DevOps ideas all around the world. Cloud advocate with strong belief in automatization, All as a Code and cloud first approach.


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18:00 – grab a beer and take a seat
18:10 – Intro [EN]
18:15 – "Istio - when and why you should use it in your Kubernetes solution" [EN] by Piotr Kloskowski (SoftServe)
19:15 – “Knative - new hero in serverless world” [EN] by Błażej Kwaśniak (SoftServe)
20:15 – pizza and mingle time


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