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Tai Chi in Southampton
Join us for Tai Chi in the park! Beginners as well as experienced students are welcome! Class will be led by and Michael Bergman of the Wuwei Tai Chi School. Classes will continue weekly each Sunday at this time - stay tuned for the latest announcements.

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A central tenet of our practice is the Taoist philosophy of Wuwei – usually translated as “not-doing” or “not-doing doing”. We interpret Wuwei to mean that by not interfering with our own action, the most optimal action can be achieved. So although we are externally practicing some form of Tai Chi, meditation, Yoga, etc., the real practice is letting go of our own blockages and interferences. We strongly emphasize listening to your own body and respecting its wisdom. The Taoist Tai Chi philosophy is that of the soft overcoming the hard. Through practicing with awareness, we can see this beautiful philosophy come to fruition.

Our Tai Chi Chuan lineage is Xiaojia (small frame) Chen style and Yang style as taught by Cheng Man Ch’ing. We have studied Yoga under various lineages and also have gained insight into Hatha Yoga practice from our Tai Chi study. Our understanding of meditation comes from these traditions as well as Buddhist influences – although all techniques are useful, the practice we emphasize the most is that of simply being aware in every situation and action which can be shown through Tai Chi practice and philosophy.

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