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If you wish to come and ask questions, please contact us and let us know. We wish to have one or two people asking question each meeting for the one or two practitioners in trance. Currently practicing the oracular aspect of seidr, but working on all aspects of ecstatic trance and magic working. Group meets monthly, and attendance is about 5-8 people. We wish to slowly grow the group to 9 committed members and then consider expanding a second 9 members. We have members that have a wide range of experience. Some members have several decades of dedicated work in seidr and were part of Diana Paxsons seidr group back in the day. Some have two decades of practice in other arts. And others have practiced less than a year and their first experiences were in this group. If you wish to come, you must first come to at least one event and meet the organizers. The first time you attend you come and present questions to those practicing in the group. If you wish to learn, discuss with us at the end of the session. We are a very open-minded group and embrace diversity. I am scheduling this because it seems that I am doing a terrible job reminding people when the events are, and this way we can all see which nights we are scheduling or deeper works in the mystery tradition.

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Have you ever found yourself on a walk in the forest and suddenly come to a place that immediately felt special? Maybe there was some uniquely shaped rock or a tree that attracted your attention? Perhaps you thought for a moment that you could detect something, as if there was some kind of presence on the particular site that you could not really explain? Many people testify that they feel a strong affinity with nature all around us, that their strongest spiritual experiences are when they are moving through the forest.

This is not new of course. Humans have always had similar experiences since the origin of our species long, long ago. Through the ages, we have tried to understand and process these experiences, tried to portray them and give them shape, sought contact with the powers and the presence that we felt all around us. These experiences are the core of nature's religion.

Those of us who closely identify with these experiences exert a natural spirituality and seek a community that share in these gifts. That is the foundation of our community. We seek a harmony with nature and the gods based on ancient traditions and practices. We use the term "ancient" but that does not mean that our religion is obsolete or outdated. We reaffirm the old traditions and ways developed by the people who have gone before us, but develop them simultaneously, adapting them to our time and in the modern conditions under which we live. When we use the word "ancient", we may also allude to that it is rooted in a mythical time when our ancient ancestors lived in true harmony with the earth.

Our religion is polytheistic, meaning that we recognize and turn to a variety of gods and powers. Among these gods and goddesses include Odin, Freya, Thor, Sif and the others from the Norse mythology. Not all gods are Aesir - Freya is of the Vanir family, moreover, it is not just the gods and goddesses we turn but to nature spirits as the fey, animal totems, and so on. While we share a common religious foundation with the "Asatru", we understand that that this term is too narrow.

We recognize and celebrate these powers in rituals that we call blot. The blot can be considered as a symbolic celebration where we invite gods, goddesses and beings to participate, we offer them gifts and forming a relationship with them. A blot can be very simple and intimate but it can also be a big ceremony with many participants. Our festivals are tied to the seasons, and we are also ceremonies surrounding life's rites of passage such as weddings, funerals, naming of children, house blessings, and much more.

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