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Pundi X ( https://pundix.com/ ) aims to bring in the next billion crypto users as it allows users to buy, sell, use cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime. Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. This will make PundiX the world’s largest decentralized, offline cryptocurrency network. It is decentralized, because the ecosystem and transaction records live on the blockchain. It is offline, because our entry point is via Point-of-Sale (POS) devices installed in physical outlets. Pundi X seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the next Billion users and help to increase the value of cryptocurrency for all users.

Effectively, PundiX will become:

1. World‘s largest offline cryptocurrency sales network by connecting existing POS devices and PundiX devices to the PundiX Platform

2. A Crypto Ecosystem builder, we allow consumers to buy food/drink with cryptocurrency and allows ICO producers to distribute their cryptocurrency to end users.

3. Your very own Crypto debit card - Pundi X card

4. An Offline Crypto exchange allowing for more liquidity in cryptocurrencies

5. A foundation and distribution channel for payment - because every credit/debit card needs the POS device to link the payment side (e.g, supports TenX, OmiseGO, etc)

Not only to that extend, we also plan to expand the business model to Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Northern Europe by next year. Our aim is to have 200.000 Pundi X POS (our solution device) around the world. You can watch our Pundi X POS introduction video on http://bit.ly/2z11owg

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