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XMPP/Jabber Messaging Kraków
XMPP/Jabber Messaging Kraków
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First meetup around XMPP and messaging in Krakow!

There will be three presentations:

"Why use XMPP for IoT?" by Andrzej Wojcik from Tigase

Andrzej will present pros and cons of using XMPP for IoT devices (Internet of Things). He will then describe a few possible ways to use XMPP for IoT."

"ICE, STUN, and TURN" by Rafal Slota and Szymon Mentel from Erlang Solutions

We are going to show how the MongooseIM ecosystem can be used to build a video streaming service that scales. It is based on the following open source components:

• MongooseIM - an XMPP server that is used for signalling

• Mangosta - the MIM-compatible IM app for reading the stream

• Fennec - the TURN server for relaying the video traffic

All the server side technology runs on the BEAM, either through Erlang or Elixir, which is our expertise.

"Fantastic XMPP use-cases" by Piotr Nosek from Erlang Solutions

It is a talk about features expected from modern chat solutions and how XMPP addresses them. A use-case centric view on XEPs will be presented, along with a suggestions on what is still missing. After the presentation, we're going to briefly discuss our experiences and try to identify even more applications, not described yet.

We will finish the night by a networking event in a bar nearby.