Azure DevOps Day


Azure DevOps is the evolution of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). In this talk we'll take a look at what has changed, what's new and how to start using it to automate the building, testing, and distributing of your applications - regardless of your platform, framework, language, or cloud. We'll deep dive into how to setup and use Azure Pipelines, one of the core Azure DevOps services, to completely streamline CI/CD for an iOS and Android app, an open source NuGet library, and maybe even a Python web app!



• 09.00AM to 09.30AM - Registration

• 09.30AM to 10.15AM - Getting started with Azure DevOps by Karthikeyan

• 10.15AM to 11.00AM - Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using DevOps by Karthikeyan

• 11.00AM to 11.15AM - Break

• 11.15AM to 12.00PM - Integrate Your GitHub Projects With Azure Pipelines by Balamurugan Chirtsabesan

• 12.00PM to 12.45PM - Introducing Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC1 by Santha Kumar

• 12.45PM to 01.30PM - Azure Search Services by Sathish Nadarajan

About the speakers:-

• Karthikeyan - @

• Balamurugan - @

• Sathish - @

• Santha Kumar- @


Goodies for Participation's:-

• Azure DevOps Stickers, T-Shirts (Limited).
• Get One Year RevDeBug Developer License (Limited).

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