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VR/AR/XR Experiences & Entertainment: Join us as we explore the wonders of Virtual Worlds! Calling all AR, VR, hologram, projection artists and CGI experts, 3D animators, museums, galleries, marketers and innovators to explore how tech is transforming art, marketing, entertainment and immersive experiences.

As a member of this meetup, you will receive invitations to special events in Mixed Reality or the" Spatialsphere" You can join via PC or VR headset and get previews of the most cutting-edge concerts, events, immersive and interactive experiences happening in the US and around the world.

We'll visit events like VR Burning Man to VeniceVR, Museum of Other Realities, The Wave concerts, VR Art Tours, and Social Events in Rec Room, Altspace, VR chat and more.

Weekly Meetup:

Join us for this pioneering online VR series and meetup!


Events will be partially recorded and shared on social media following each excursion.

Past events (61)

DREAMLAND XR - An Art Crawl in VR

Online event

New Years Eve - Jean Michel Jarre party in VRChat!

Online event

Special LANCE JR RecRoom Tour & Christmas Jamborree !

Online event


Online event

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