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Are you interested in the infinite benefits of body-literacy and self-awareness?

XXplorers is a sisterhood all about discovery, empowerment, and support. Many women today find themselves being called toward greater consciousness on behalf of Earth, our bodies, and our place in society.

It can be difficult to make friends as a woman - especially with other women. Us ladies can be so competitive that we often forsake friendship with our own kind in order to get ahead. It’s essential to remember that girlfriends are necessary for our health. (Our serotonin levels depend on it!)

This group will focus on getting to know ourselves and each other on a deeper level. Please join us if you are seeking deeper connections with other women and can respectfully chat just about anything. We’re the only Meetup group in the Triangle where off-limit topics pertaining to women are on the table: cycles, fertility, hormones, and sex, to name just a few.

I’m in Cary and my co-organizer, Joanne, lives in Durham, so we’ll have events in both areas!

Upcoming events (3)

Get to Know Girlfriends


Let's meet at Namu to get to know each other. I have conversation starters to get the flow started and then we can go from there! Namu is a great place with a wonderful outdoor area without loud music. We will be able to chat in a nice, peaceful environment. They have reasonable priced food and a cafe if you just want a beverage. I'm a fan of the Korean BBQ tacos myself!

Kick & Chat - Women's Soccer

Needs a location

I'm creating this event to see if anyone else would like women's only soccer practice. This will be a super casual event where we can get active, kick around a ball, and get to know each other. Just another way to get outside and get some exercise in while doing something social. No soccer experience necessary and I'll bring a ball. Feel free to bring your own if you have one. I'm an intermediate kicker myself!

Book Club - The Handmaid's Tale


Even though it was written in the eighties, many see this book as more relevant today than ever before. And even though it's dystopian, I think that this story brings up numerous talking points about being female: What if a radical group was so desperate to preserve fertility that they created a society where fertile women had essentially no choice but to reproduce for powerful men? As women, can we do a better job at preserving our fertility than we are doing now? Would diet and lifestyle factors make a big enough difference? What about the environmental issues that added to the crisis? If fertility rates were as low as in the Gilead, could we find a better solution to carry on the human race? Should we even worry about such a thing in a world where the population is only rising? Three days ago, a long-awaited sequel to this book finally came out. I'd love to read it and have a discussion about it, but I figured we'd start with this one. Feel free to bring your own talking points! I'll be at Namu since 6 pm to grab dinner so feel free to come early.

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Cycles & Sex Talk - A Women Only Social

Durham County Library - South Regional Library

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