Xinfab Laser Party - Our housewarming party | 新Fab激光晚会 - 我们的乔迁之喜

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Xinfab Fablab
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2F, Wanhangdu Road 605 (JingAn District) · Shanghai

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Near Taixing Rd. (Subway Lines 1, 12, 13 Hanzhong Rd 10 min – Line 13 Natural History Museum 10 min – Lines 2, 12, 13 Nanjing West Rd 15min)

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What: Xinfab Laser Party - Our Housewarming Party

When: Thursday, November 30, at 7pm

Where: Xinfab - Kangding East Rd, Lane 45, Building no.5, Room 102, Jing'an District

Price: Free!

Since we have moved to our new location this summer, we hadn't got the chance to finally warm our new home up yet... up until now. Winter is definetely here, so we thought 'why not throw a little house warming party to warm ourselves up? And why not add the laser heat to the party?'

So, on Thursday, November 30, from 7pm you're invited to have drinks with us and engrave whatever object of yours you want! You can engrave your macbook, iPhone, notebook, sneakers, banana, whatever! This for the brave and the bold: it's DIY party, so there is no guarantee on the result, but we encourage experimentation because it's fun!! For the not so brave, just hanging out here is pretty safe :)



1. Bring your own object. Limitations: No plastic, no rubber, no PVC, and no other materials that release toxic gases. If you are not sure your object can be engraved, bring it and we'll have a look.

2. Bring your own laptop if you need to edit your file, or at the very least your PDF or AI file. We do not have enough computers for everyone. It's a DIY activity: you'll do it yourself -- it's not a class, not a lecture and not a service. It's a party where you can experiment!

3. Prepare your file in advance. The instructions are on our Wechat account (official account "xin_fab") on the menu under "Manual" > "Lasercutter"


什么:新Fab激光晚会 - 我们的乔迁之喜


地点:新Fab - 静安区康定东路45弄5号102室


自从今年夏天我们搬到了新的地方以来,我们还没有机会最终把我们的新房子暖和起来,直到现在。 冬天开始了,所以我们想'为什么不开一个热情的晚会暖和起来? 为什么不把激光加热到晚会?'

所以,在11月30日星期四下午7点,你被邀请和我们一起喝酒,刻上你想要的东西! 你可以刻你的MacBook,iPhone,笔记本,运动鞋,香蕉,不管! 这对勇敢和大胆:这是DIY晚会,所以对结果没有保证,但我们鼓励实验,因为它的乐趣! 对于不那么勇敢,只是在这里挂出很安全:)



1.带上自己的物品。 局限性:没有塑料,没有橡胶,没有PVC,也没有其他释放有毒气体的材料。 如果你不确定你的物体是否可以雕刻,把它拿来,我们会看看。

2.请带上自己的笔记本电脑为了编辑您的文件,或至少带上自己你的PDF或AI文件。 我们没有足够的电脑给大家。 这是一个DIY活动:你会自己做 - 这不是一个阶级,不是一个讲座,而不是一个服务。 这是一个晚会,你可以尝试!

3.提前准备好你的文件。 说明在“手动”>“激光切割机”下面的该微信账户上 (xin_fab)。