Design Thinking: Can we "design think" life? Coco Yu & Alex Smith (Wiredcraft)

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2F, Wanhangdu Road 605 (JingAn District) · Shanghai

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Near Taixing Rd. (Subway Lines 1, 12, 13 Hanzhong Rd 10 min – Line 13 Natural History Museum 10 min – Lines 2, 12, 13 Nanjing West Rd 15min)

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Everyone has heard of Design Thinking. It’s a buzzword that has infiltrated almost every organization, big and small. But what exactly is Design Thinking?

During this meetup, we’ll have a roundtable discussion with design thinkers Alex Smith and Coco Yu from Wiredcraft about Design Thinking and what impact, if any, it can have on our lives. This conversation is open to anyone! We welcome creatives, designers, business people, students, and curious individuals who are interested in learning more! Through our discussion we’ll try to touch on questions such as:

-What is Design Thinking?
-How does Design Thinking relate to Human Centered Design and/or User Centered Design?
-What organizations are using Design Thinking?
-What are our personal experiences with Design Thinking?
-What are the benefits of a Design centered mindset?
-How does Design Thinking relate to community development?
-Why should I care?
-How does it relate to me?

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***This is NOT a workshop or a lecture - just a bunch of people interested in the topic, so don't be shy and don't worry if you don't know a thing about it! We will figure it out together.


每个人都听说过设计思维。 这是几乎渗透到所有大小组织的流行词汇。 但是设计思维究竟是什么?

在这meetup中,我们将与来自Wiredcraft的设计思想家Alex Smith和Coco Yu谈论设计思维,以及它对我们生活会产生什么样的影响(如果有的话)。 这个对话是开放给任何人的! 我们欢迎有兴趣学习更多的创意人员,设计师,商界人士,学生和好奇的人士!

- 什么是设计思维?
- 设计思维与人性化设计和/或以用户为中心的设计有什么关系?
- 什么组织正在使用设计思维?
- 我们的设计思考有什么个人经验?
- 以设计为中心的思维有什么好处?
- 设计思维与社区发展有什么关系?
- 我为什么要在乎?
- 它与我有什么关系?


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