Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin | 区块链:超越比特币

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2F, Wanhangdu Road 605 (JingAn District) · Shanghai

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Near Taixing Rd. (Subway Lines 1, 12, 13 Hanzhong Rd 10 min – Line 13 Natural History Museum 10 min – Lines 2, 12, 13 Nanjing West Rd 15min)

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Last December our Cryptocurrency meetup was so enriching (intellectually only, unfortunately! Nothing went into our bitcoin wallets!) that we have decided to expand the conversation and dive into Blockchain. So join us on Thursday, February 8, at 7pm, to explore it with us. Blockchain technology is essentially a decentralised ledger system most people know that it is currently being applied in the field of cryptocurrency mining and trading. But many people are beginning to think about the application of blockchain technology in other fields. For example, what does a decentralised record system mean for traditional banks? Does blockchain change the legal framework? How can blockchain technology be applied to medical fields, potentially a more secure way keeping electronic medical records?

If you're also curious about what blockchain is and are wondering alone in your corner what is the answer to these and other complex, philosophical questions, let's think about it together! Join us!


***This is NOT a workshop or a lecture - just a bunch of people interested in the topic who want to talk about it, so don't be shy and don't worry if you don't know a thing about it! We will figure it out together.


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因为我们去年十二月的数字货币 meetup非常丰富(只有智力上,不幸的是,没有任何东西进入我们的比特币钱包!),我们决定扩大对话并潜入区块链。 所以,周四2月8号晚上7点,与我们一起去探索。

区块链技术本质上是一个分散的分类帐系统,大多数人都知道它正在加密货币挖掘和交易领域应用。 但是很多人开始考虑区块链技术在其他领域的应用。 例如,分散的记录系统对传统银行意味着什么? 区块链是否改变了法律框架? 区块链技术如何应用于医疗领域,可能是更安全的方式来保存电子病历?

如果您对区块链是什么也好奇,并且在您的角落里独自思考这些和其他复杂的哲学问题的答案,那么让我们一起思考吧! 加入我们!


***这不是一个研讨会或一个讲座 - 只是一群对这个话题感兴趣的人想要谈论这个话题,所以不要害羞,不要担心,知道一件事情!我们将一起解决。