Xinfab Spring Festival Party | 新Fab春节晚会

Xinfab Fablab
Xinfab Fablab
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2F, Wanhangdu Road 605 (JingAn District) · Shanghai

How to find us

Near Taixing Rd. (Subway Lines 1, 12, 13 Hanzhong Rd 10 min – Line 13 Natural History Museum 10 min – Lines 2, 12, 13 Nanjing West Rd 15min)

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PRICE: Free for members
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You know what is great about living in China? You get to celebrate the new year twice! So if you were freezing at the crowded, dark Bund (not even PuDong was lit up!), breathing a 300+ hazarduous air on 2018 New Year's Eve and would like to forget it, join us on Friday, February 9, at 7pm to celebrate 2018 again (actually, year 4716 in the Chinese Calendar, let's be precise), this time to welcome the Year of the Dog! As makers, we find it a little tough to not be making something so this time we're going to try to make chuang hua (chinese papercut decorations, see pic below) with the laser cutter that you can stick on your window and spend your Chinese New Year's Eve indoors if the air is bad, having a cozy dumpling-filled evening. Xin nian kuai le!!!

As northerners, we're going to provide some jiaozis (dumplings) and some beer, but bring drinks and snacks to share!


***不是会员或您的会员过期?你可以成为会员,更新会员资格或获得一天会员资格(30元) - 无需预付,只需出现!***

你知道为什么在中国生活真棒吗? 你会庆祝新的一年两次!

因此,如果你2018年除夕在拥挤的黑暗外滩(甚至浦东没点亮了!),呼吸300多的不好空气,想忘记它,请参加我们在星期五,2月9日,晚上7点 再次庆祝2018年(实际上,农历上的4716年,准确的说吧),这次欢迎狗年!



需要带些什么: 作为北方人,我们要提供一些啤酒和饺子,但要带来饮料和小吃分享!