Handywomen's Day | 女勤杂工日 (Ladies only special event)

Xinfab Fablab
Xinfab Fablab
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2F, Wanhangdu Road 605 (JingAn District) · Shanghai

How to find us

Near Taixing Rd. (Subway Lines 1, 12, 13 Hanzhong Rd 10 min – Line 13 Natural History Museum 10 min – Lines 2, 12, 13 Nanjing West Rd 15min)

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Price: Free for members (Non-members: 30 RMB)


We are going to celebrate this year's International Women's Day a little differently: we invite all the ladies in Shanghai to come to Xinfab and learn how to use power tools, other tools and machines - typically associated with "man's work".

Let's be clear: we have absolutely nothing against men, but we do believe in equality! So ladies, let's break stereotypes together and show everyone, especially yourselves, that you can perfectly fix stuff around your home without anyone's help - not your boyfriend, not your dad, you won't even need to call a shifu anymore!

***This is NOT a workshop or a lecture - just a bunch of people interested in the topic who want to talk about it and maybe come up with a project, so don't be shy and don't worry if you don't know a thing about it! We will figure it out together.

***About the costs of projects: Sadly Xinfab does not have funds to fund projects. The group splits the costs among its participants. Or if you're going to make something for yourself, its cost is on you.


价格:会员免费 (其他30元)


今年的国际妇女节将有点不同:我们邀请所有上海女士于3月8日星期四晚上7点来到Xinfab,了解如何使用电动工具,其他工具和机器 - 通常是关联的 与“男人的工作”。


所以女士们,让我们一起打破陈词滥调,让大家(特别妳们自己)都明白,在没有任何人帮助的情况下,你可以完美地修怀东西 - 不需要男朋友或父亲的帮助,你甚至不需要再打电话给师傅!

***这不是一个研讨会或一个讲座 - 只是一群对这个话题感兴趣的人想要谈论这个话题,也许想出一个项目,所以不要害羞,不要担心,知道一件事情!我们将一起解决。