DIY Workshop: Blind contour drawing+engraving

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3F, No.1288,West Wuding Road, Jing’an District · Shanghai

How to find us

Near Wanhagdu Road. Closest subway station Jiangsu Rd (exit 5). Once you arrive to the compound take the stairs or the lift to the 3rd floor, and you will find us at room 302.

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"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." - Pablo Picasso

Have you ever thought that you can finish a drawing without looking at the paper?! (not only walking, crossing a red light and texting is a miracle). Well, this miracle (blind paper drawing) is going to take place next weekend 28th of July at our space in collaboration with Do Art Space!

Blind contour drawing + laser engraving is a workshop that will help you to explore the blind drawing technique without limits applied into laser engraving! Plus by the end of the workshop, you will take home a cool pin!

HOW TO SIGN UP (Deadline Friday 27th of July):
_ALIPAY (180 RMB): transfer the workshop fee to [masked] (please indicate your name and phone number on the payment details so we can contact you!)

This 3 hours workshop will be divided into 4 parts:

PART 1 - Introduction with DOART (.5 hour):
_We will talk a bit about Blind Contouring and about artists who use(d) this technique
_Tips and techniques

Part 2 - Blind Contour drawing with DOART (.5 hour):
_The students will pair up with partners (sorted by lottery), and each couple will draw its partner without looking at the paper.
_Converting your drawing into vectors in Illustrator.
_Saving your file and preparing it for the laser engraving.

Part 3 - Laser engraving with XINFAB (2hrs):
_We will proceed to use the laser machine to engrave each participants drawings in wood!
_Attach a pin on your brooch.

Part 4 - sharing:
_Compare and share your results with the rest of the class

Things you should bring:
_Your passion, curiosity and questions

About the teachers

Yasi Huang

Yasi Huang is an illustrator who attended School of Visual Art, New York City. She has experience in printmaking, oil painting, and mix media. She likes to create her own image with lines.

Her main inspiration is people, stories, mind, and human interaction. This is why she is very passionate about working with new people and teaching.

Pamela Martello

Pamela Martello is a Mexican jewelry designer who has been creating original and stylish 3D and 2D designs for the past 9 years. Jewelry is Pamela's true love, but she has a decade-long love affair with graphic design and Illustrator, with which she complements her jewelry creations.

Last year, Pamela discovered Xinfab and immediately joined our core team. She loves the laser and the 3D printers and is always experimenting in other fields related to design, where she finds inspiration for her creations. She has also taught many workshops with us. For Pamela, travelling, exploring, and living in different places offers a constant stream of stimulus for new ideas (plus a little fantasy too).

“像专家一样学规则,好让你像艺术家一样打破它们” - 毕加索

你想过自己能看也不看地画出幅画并且做成一个胸针吗?!(不仅走路,穿过红灯,发短信也是一个奇迹)。 好吧,这个奇迹(纸质绘图)将于7月28日下周末与Do Art Space合作在我们的空间举行!

_支付宝(180 RMB):将研讨会费用转至[masked] (请在付款明细上注明您的电话号码,以便我们与)



第1部讲解 (半小时)

第2部盲画 (半小时)