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What is Xtasy?

I'm using the fictitious word 'Xtasy' as a representation of the word ecstasy. We're not talking about the MDMA 'psychedelic amphetamine' that has gained popularity over the past 20 years because of its ability to produce strong feelings of comfort, empathy, and connection to others. No, we're talking about an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement that our state of mind reaches when we do things that give enormous pleasure and happiness.

How do you know when you experience an XTASY state of mind?
- You feel warm, calm, at peace.
- You're living the moment. Your mind is there, now, this moment and nothing else matters. Your body is full of life and your heart sings out of joy.
- Your hyper-aware of your sensations against your skin, sounds, taste, everything that is surrounding you. You feel weightless. Limitless.

The first experience in which people recognize ecstasy is, obviously, sex and orgasm. To our great joy, those are not the only ways to reach an ecstatic state of mind, they are countless other ways where we could experience Xtasy. Some of the other ways where we could experience an ecstatic state of mind:
- Art
- Music
- Breathing
- Connection / Touch
- Dance / Drumming
- Love / Lust
- Food
- Laughing
- Nature
- Spiritual Practices
- Sports
- Traveling
- and much more.

The purpose of this MeetUp group is to connect with people from all walks of life. To get together to explore Los Angeles and all the weirdness it has to offer. Some things could be bizarre, some absurd but who are we to judge.

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