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The purpose of this Meetup group is to bring together social activists, criminologists, dreamers, politicians, trainers, coaches, therapists and everyone else who truly believe that awakening the human potential is possible for everyone, including prisoners. Worldwide there is already a conversation going on about "Prison abolition". The purpose of this group is to join that worldwide conversation and start a group in Antwerp.

This group is intended for those people who want to discuss and brainstorm around the challenge of "Abolishing prisons by the year 2050" and if possible to take actions to accomplish this. There is lots of sectors that play a role in the existence of prisons: the school system, law, politics, families, the economy, poverty, income inequality, media, psychiatry and psychology etc. It is a multifaceted challenge.

Just imagine yourself in the year 2050. Prisons have become redundant, since there is hardly any crime anymore. Since early childhood, people have learnt how their thoughts and emotions create their personal realities. People have become psychologically healthy and resilient because they have come to understand the fundamental principles of their own psyche. They understand the mechanism of thoughts - emotions - actions - results. If you are a dreamer and you like to THINK BOLD & BIG join our meetings!

If you want to stretch your mind. Read the latest book from Peter Diamandis BOLD! https://www.boldbook.com/

If you want to know what is already happening with inmates in prisons, watch this documentary! It shows how a new paradigm in psychology (the 3 Pricinples/ Innate Health) is being thought to inmates in prison in the US, with very promising results. http://www.threeprinciplesmovies.com/jail-documentary/

If you are passionate about this topic yourself, or if you feel inspired by what is possible, or if you are just curious what this is all about, then please join this group!

I look forward meeting you in person.

Wim De Preter

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