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This group is operated by Young Involved Philadelphia. January 1, 2020

Young Involved Philadelphia builds relationships and increases civic engagement to empower and connect young Philadelphians. We strive to make Philadelphia the premier city for the next generation of leaders by:

Engaging our membership through education about civic affairs, advocacy around key issues, and social events and outings. Connecting young citizens to civic groups and civic groups with each other. Representing the young demographic by providing a channel of communication between young Philadelphians and business/government.

Want to learn more or teach others about an important aspect of our city? Need to build a network of advocates to support your pressing local issue? Have an idea for a fun and educational event you want to share with young Philadelphians?

Join our email list here (http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001kGlTg99yfXXguTEFx1jQxXS_RfUrLxjmnWCEi7z8b4deiEnlBt83ya5HGA6LnRiLiQWJQ5U3tfSIazmnW8WkFF_Bwn9ZlI1jTFiOFYOfFaSmIQZCFkjWiALpX0PLNdik8nY8_fUeWkFewLzmQ89SdX5S6HcE-ZGsDX9RpCSe4ZUDSfQwABplZQ%3D%3D) to keep up to date about different events and news.

And visit our full website (http://younginvolvedphila.org) to learn more.

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