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We had over 250 at our December Pay it forward for Business party and over 60 free gift offers were given out on the day. Satellite teleworking centers showed off their beautiful coworking space with our very own experts from Your Office Agent, Transamerica, ITV Alliance, Gratitude International, Friends in High places, Score and Coldwell Banker. Jim Graham from Burning Man and Jeff Rowe from Digital Media wowed us with stories of Pay it Forward in marketing. Birdpick, Charley's Brownies and Starbucks provided free nibbles and beverages. LA Fitness gave free membership to everyone and then Lounge 3110 served half price drinks and food in one of the hottest pads in town, all while you gave to your fellow businesses.

In all it was an amazing evening, which was totally booked out within a week of announcing it. It was so popular in fact that we are doing it again in February and the invites are attached with exciting experts, some really interesting acts and just a lot of fun for everyone. The giving tree will be back and this time we know what you want. We will make the great parts better, the not so perfect parts, perfect and the only thing that wont change is the concept of giving in the core of it all. This is your party to pay it forward, meet your type of customers and friends and as always Our team here at Your office Agent and Satellite will make sure you have an amazing evening.

The Event entry is Free and we want to provide as much free beer and wine and food as possible so any interested sponsors sould let us know now..One of the reviews last time around was that it was the event of the year. Well this one in february will be better. MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER BELOW ON EVENTBRIGHT.

Pay it forward with us.

Brian & Nina from , the free workspace search portal

Barbara & Ken from telework center in Santa Monica