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The Primordial Yoga is more than 7000 years old. When only one Yoga existed - at the beginning Yoga was called Sámkhya - without compromised power such as the ones of modern simplifications.

Yoga is the control of the brain waves frequency - according to the Great Master Patañjali - the only and real historic encoder of Yoga: “Yoga Chitta Vrtti Nirodhah” (Mind/ Waves/ Control).

Sámkhya - Cosmogenic and Anthropogenic Philosophy.
It’s natural and technical. Means number/reason. It’s the theoretical philosophical system that complements Yoga and is its key.

Shákta - Behave philosophical system that influences Yoga. It is Matriarchal, no repressive, self-demanding, sensorial and fraternal.

Yoga Sámkhya contains and proposes three great aspects:

1 - A strong Ethical base, of "self-demand", and Fraternity (Yama and Niyama);

2 - An Exceptional Development of the Human being in all their positive aspects, integrally and always in harmony, through the constant work, in each class, with its 14 Technical Disciplines:

1. Dhyána/Samyama (Samádhi) - Meditation /until Enlightenment, through the control of the brain waves frequency;
2. Pránáyáma - Energetic and neuro-vegetative breeding exercises;
3. Ásana-Psycho-bio-physical positions;
4. Yoganidrá - Physical, emotional and mental relaxation techniques;
5. Kriyá - Organic cleansing and strengthening;
6. Mantra/Kírtanam - Domain of sounds, of vibration and Harmony; Kírtanam - Extrovert sounds;
7. Jápa Tala - Rhythmic concentrative Sounds;
8. Jápa Shesha - Continuous and Elevating Sounds;
9. Bandha - Muscular and neuro-endocrinal dynamizations;
10. Yantra - concentrative Symbols with psychosomatic effect;
11. Pújá - Energetic Repayment;
12. Mudrá - Reflexive and energetic Gestures made with the hands;
13. Nyása - Energetic Touch and Psychic Projection (Káma Mana / Vijñána – of the Source Hiranya Garbha).
14. Mánasika - Mentalization, will, strengthening and projection of the conscience.

And with its 6 Secondary Disciplines (a total of 20) where The Path - Sádhaná - must be always in tune with the Grand goal:

3 - To reach the Samádhi (Enlightenment) - Human and Cosmic Intellective Supreme Consciousness. Yoga Sámkhya widely explores all the positive human abilities - the visible ones, invisible, suspected and unsuspected. This must be done in Harmony, with no unbalanced role of some part over another.
Only the complete development of the human being will lead to its true ultra corporal dimension - Cosmic - Samádhi (Enlightenment)

Some practical benefits of the first 4 technical disciplines:

Dhyána/Samyama (Samádhi) - Meditation/Illumination
• Provides a continuous concentration.
• Increases the ability to perform lucid decisions, even in times of stress.
• Enhances the feeling of true happiness.
• Stimulates creativity.
• Allows to going beyond the cognitive mind.

Ásana-psycho-bio-physical Positions
• Strengthening of the spine.
• Provides greater physical strength and flexibility.
• Releases tension and stress.
• Increases self-esteem.
• Develops self-control.
• Learn to relax in tension.

Pránáyáma - Respiratory Exercises with energetic and neuro-vegetative influence
• Contributes to lung health.
• Enhances brain hyperoxygenation.
• Creates emotional states of tranquility.
• Increases mental concentration and focus.

Yoganidrá - Physical, emotional and mental Relaxation Techniques
• Combats strongly the stress. Leads to a high-quality biological night sleep.
• Provides a mental, physical and emotional rebalancing.
• Strengthens the immune system.

Past events (68)

Yoga Sámkhya @ Govindas Restaurant

Govinda's Restaurant

Yoga Sámkhya @ Govindas Restaurant

Govinda's Restaurant

Yoga in the Nature!

Clonmore Park - Stillorgan - https://goo.gl/maps/Fiu3LQAV4R22

Yoga in the Nature!

Clonmore Park - Stillorgan - https://goo.gl/maps/Fiu3LQAV4R22

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