What we're about

Life gets hard sometimes. It’s part of the human experience. What sets us apart is how we choose to handle these experiences and the highs and lows. Ask yourself, how often in the last 12 months have you experienced any of the following?

Negative thinking - "I can't do it, I failed, I am so sick of ..."
Inability to Change - repeating the same patterns, failed diet, failed relationship, failed career?
Beat Yourself Up – I failed so I’m not good enough, fit enough, smart enough, thin enough?
Feel Stuck - feel like you're settling in some or all aspects of your life?
Feel Helpless - no guidance or direction - aimless, lost
Bullied or Shamed - verbal abuse from friends and family, self-shaming, an ineffective leader at work
Lack of Wellness - tired, overweight, issues with food, smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use – and at times don't care?
Self-Saboteur – things are going to mess up anyway so I may do it now – does this sound familiar?
Poor Choices – “I don’t have a choice” so what does it matter?
The First Steps

1. First, and again, welcome to being human. Breathe and forgive yourself. There's a solution but first, some work.
2. Second, ask yourself “why are you choosing to think/feel/act this way?
3. Third, do you have the skills to change these patterns once and for all?
Share Some Secrets

This group is a place where you can learn from others, ask questions and gain insights into true and authentic self-awareness.

You're also welcome to join us at one of our local meetup groups coming to an area near you soon.

We ask that you contribute in a respectful and courteous manner and follow the guidelines of the site.

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