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Vision: A self-reliant and happy society where there is harmony and the developmental needs are addressed locally through individuals who act without vested interest. Mission: To facilitate a movement of volunteering. To empower and enable individuals to become positive change agents in the society. To enable institutions to effectively engage community to deliver services. To create models to address developmental needs through the culture of volunteering. To promote sustainable lifestyles among individuals and strengthen the required social institutions to sustain communities.

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Our Projects Differently abled Description : The goal of the differently-abled projects in YFS is to provide support required to empower the differently-abled including activities like audio-recording for the blind. Braille Chess competitions, music shows etc.. are also held to promote their talents. Initiatives for the differently abled Education Description : The goal of the education projects in YFS is to attempt to fill gaps in the education system through volunteers and specific projects like providing scholarships and resources like school kits. School Kit Drive Sponsor A Child Teaching Vidya Daan Environment Description : The goal here is to bring about ‘bottom to top’ change in the people, wherein people change to change the system. It’s the change we all want to see in the ideal society and the ideal world, but don’t dare to make Green Clubs Green Commandos Green Localities Wealth out of Waste Events Description : There are several events in a year that engages volunteers - the events vary for each YFS chapter. Chiguru-Day oF JoY YFS Hyderabad has been organizing an inter school cultural event "Chiguru", for the children from the underprivileged sections of the society. "Chiguru" ("Budding" literally) aimed at bringing to the fore the Cultural & Literary talent s of the children a cross Govt schools, Slums, Juvinile Homes, Destitute Homes in Hyderabad/Secunderabad areas. Health Description : The goal of the health initiatives in YFS is to facilitate accessibility to quality healthcare for those from low economic background. Doctors for Seva Others Description : Based on the need of the community, YFS takes up special projects.

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