What we're about

We invite startup leaders and experts to share their startup story and subject expertise relevant to startups and businesses. We bring value by asking them the hard questions everyone want to know.

We’ve been to many meetups and are tired of hearing people share generic surface level stuff what can be found on blogs and we want the meat and bread wisdom from founders. We focus on sharing stories and practical startup growth tactics that can help you go from 0 to 45K on Instagram in a few months, how to build a powerhouse team, how to get traction or approach reporters and writers, how to start a startup as a non technical and many more.

Vancouver is a growing entrepreneurial hub with many established and prominent upcoming startups. There are startup grants, good support, available capital and quality talents helping many startups scale big. There is no better time to start a startup than today here in Vancouver.


At YVR Startups we believe in the 3 I’s

Inspire- Hear stories from startup mentors and startup peers, be inspired and replicate their successes in your startups.

Inform- Be kept up to date with the latest happenings in the startup scene from new algorithm changes and growth strategies. We invite experts with results who will share with you the meat of growing a startup. No bs.

Involve- Go far and deep with our community. Connect with startup folks at our networking events, meet a co-founder and get started in a startup.

Our presenters include founders and experts in the startup community including finalists at startup competitions, Top 30 under 30 recipients, CMOs, heads of growths, VCs and other successful founders. Get ready to receive great insights on how to grow your startup to the next level.

Meeting times:

Once a month - Monthly large gatherings

Last week of each month - Casual roundtables for networking and discussion

Key links:

Website- http://www.yvrstartups.com

Startup Directory- http://www.yvrstartups.com/directory

Facebook- fb.com/yvrstartups (https://www.facebook.com/yvrstartups)

Twitter- http://twitter.com/yvr_startups

Got a story to share? info@yvrstartups.com

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We want to hear your startup story!

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Are you a startup founder?
Do you have an inspiring startup story?
We want to hear your startup story!

To cultivate a community of inspiration and peer growth, we are looking for founders to share their startup stores on an inspirational and informational basis. Whether these are success stories or failure stories (we do failure nights once in a while), these are stories worth sharing.

Note that this is a startup stories sharing night, and not pitch night. (we will have pitch nights on other days)

The ideal startup story is around 5-10 minutes (like a ted talk) and has a central theme (lesson) to inform/inspire the community. Examples of topics you can share about:
-How I secured my seed capital
-My startup journey from inception to exit.
-How I got my first SAAS 1000 customer in 6 months
-No investors wanted to work with me, so I raised $20k selling on ecommerce to get the capital i needed.
-Pivoting my startup from B2C to B2B wasn't easy but it was the best thing ever done.
-My first employee was a nightmare (Lesson on setting up employment contracts)
-My first idea was an ugly baby (lesson on fad markets)
-I'm an Introvert but I managed to get a YouTube channel of 2 million subscribers.

Submission Process:

Please send [masked] an email including:
-Your Name
-Startup Name
-Startup website
-Core theme/topic (eg. getting investment, Marketing fail, building a team, Customer validation etc...)
-A short summary on what you want to share


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