What we're about

Welcome to the Young Women Entrepreneurs Club!

Our mission is to inspire women to live fulfilling lives while building successful businesses.

We have women of all ages - there are no age restrictions! Being young is a mindset - someone who is innovative, inspirational, and open to new ideas!

(And yes, even a few men attend our Meetups, too!)

Where do we meet?

In 2019, we will hold Meetups all over Southern California including:


Join us if you want to learn from and network with local entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself - our goal is to inspire and promote each other, build business relationships, and ultimately to refer business!

Join us to learn and network with high level business people who are interested in learning and sharing their knowledge and wisdom and reaching their goals to be the best at what they do.

Topics we talk about include: Small Business Strategies, Marketing, Online Marketing, Startups, Entrepreneurs, business mindset, leadership, communication, digital marketing, branding, social media marketing, creativity, guerilla marketing, consumer psychology, business trends, business innovation, book writing, sustainability, blogging, crowdfunding, search engine marketing, driving social change, personal branding, stress management, ideation, business system design, globalization... and the list goes on!

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How to Own A Home in Cali As An Entrepreneur

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Home Buying 101

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