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This meetup is an experiment designed to be a community of remote workers, freelancers, or anyone who does work outside the office. We will meet regularly to do our separate work, together. Independent work has many obvious benefits but one drawback (depending on your personality) is that one doesn't have the social experience of seeing the same coworkers regularly. It can also be difficult to stay on task if you're the type of person who's prone to procrastination.

At the beginning of each meeting, we'll introduce ourselves and state our goals for the session. At the end, we'll share our progress and then have an optional period of time for socializing. By doing this we build community as well as keeping ourselves accountable for getting work done with some healthy and supportive social pressure.

If you love the benefits of working independently, but miss the water cooler, why don't you change out of your pajamas and come work with us?

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