What we're about

Effective altruism brings together reason, evidence, and compassion.

By carefully considering what we value, and by working together to find the best ways of achieving that, we can each do an amazing amount of good.

Yale Effective Altruism is the first Yale organization dedicated to improving the world through the methods of effective altruism. We are a company of scholars, a society of friends, and a team of would-be heroes fighting evil.

We meet regularly throughout the school year, looking for ways that we as members of the Yale community can make meaningful, evidence-based impact around the world. As part of that, we invite luminary thinkers and leaders of the EA movement to give talks on campus, both to enrich our own ideas and to spread the spirit of effective altruism.

We also eat dinner and watch movies together, ponder philosophical questions, and help each other face the challenges of college life. First and foremost, we are friends with a common goal.

If you think this sounds interesting — or if you’d like to learn more about the dinners, discussions, and speaker events we host throughout the year — join our group!

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What is Effective Altruism?

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