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Beginners Tai Chi Class - weekly on Tuesdays
This new Beginners Tai Chi class will is suitable for complete beginners or those with very little Tai Chi experience. Regular attendance is recommended if you wish to make progress. Class curriculum will include warm up, Tai Chi walking, foundations and principles of Tai Chi, form work.

Cafe in the park, Aston Clinton

London Road · Aston Clinton

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About Chen Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art system of mainly slow exercises using movements and breathing to develop the life energy Qi (pronounced chee), and to create a distinct connection between the mind and the body resulting in better health. The gentle movements are excellent for posture and improving joint mobility, strengthening the immune system and improving balance and co-ordination.

The benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong reflect into the wider life style and help with relaxation, and improve the way that we relate to others and to live life to the full.

Chen style Tai Chi was created in China in the 17th century by Chen Wangting, a royal guard from Chenjiagou Village in Henan Province. It was passed down through the Chen family but kept secret until the early 20th century and is now practised widely throughout the world.

All other styles of Tai Chi owe their origin to Chen Tai Chi. Based on the principle of Yin and Yang which is the notion of complimentary opposites and the principle that nothing is static, and everything is changing such as day and night, winter and summer, hard and soft etc.

Chen Tai Chi flows from one movement to another while coordinating the mind with the movements of hands, arms, feet, legs, body with the system of turning at the waist. The exercises are done in a controlled and relaxed way and therefore can benefit all ages.

About Qigong

Qi is the Chinese word for life energy and Gong means work or benefits acquired through practise and perseverance. So the word Qigong means working with life energy which cultivates and aids the promotion and circulation of Qi within the mind and body, resulting in improved health and reducing the impact of premature ageing and ill health.

So we can say that Qigong is an ancient Chinese holistic system of self-healing exercise that includes healing posture, breathing techniques, internal organs massage and meditation.

By practising these various exercises we can accumulate good Qi and convert stagnant Qi into pure and refined healing Qi.

Anyone can practise Qigong as the techniques are suitable for any age and any physical condition and can be done seated, standing even laying down which makes this system ideal for the disabled. “Spirit and body both cultivated”

“A sound mind in a sound body”

Mind and body influence each other. Chinese medicine suggests that when a person is ill the cause is a blockage, imbalance or stagnating Qi in the meridians affecting the flow of energy in the body. The practise of Qigong can stimulate the flow of Qi in the meridian pathways, removing blockages and stagnant Qi and creating a natural self-healing environment for the body.

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