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Maybe you are a quiet person who works with computers or machinery but you would like to improve your communication skills. Perhaps you need to do presentations or address small or large groups of people but you get nervous and back off. Maybe you'd be great in an executive position but just need better public speaking skills. Whatever your reasons, if you tend to be a quiet person, but you wish to be a good public speaker, then this group is for you. You'll be surprised. It's not that hard!

We will learn effective tools to

- Overcome stage fright and get rid of any nervousness
- Speak confidently without getting tongue-tied
- Feel comfortable in front of people
- Connect and engage the audience

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Effective Public Speaking - How to be Comfortable in Front of a Group

Ever get nervous or uncomfortable in speaking to a group? If so, you're not the only one. It's a common problem that people have. It's called Stage Fright! In this workshop you'll learn a simple but effective tool that is the secret of how to be comfortable and communicating effectively when talking to a group of people. You will likely be surprised! After the practice, you will: * Be more confident * Own the room * Connect with the audience After the meeting, if you need more help, you'll also have the option to consult with a communication coach at no charge. Join us at this meeting!

Public Speaking - How to Connect with and Energize a Group

Have you ever wondered how to establish a connection with a group of people or an audience and energize them emotion or positive ideas. In this group meeting, you will learn a tool to help you develop that connection, emotion and energy. Specifically, you will learn * How to spark audience's interest. * How to develop instant connection with the audience * How to create an emotional effect. * How to be confident in front of people. After the meeting, if you need more help with public speaking, you can talk to a communication coach free of charge. See you there!

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