What we're about

If you are interested in great conversations that broaden your horizon, spark new insights and help you making a positive difference in this world, this group is for you.

Great conversations

When we meet someone new, often the only thing we share is where we come from, what our occupation is and some other everyday topics, like the bars we like or the concerts we went to. What if we skip this mundane chit-chat and talk about something deeper? Remember those great conversations you had during your time at university? When was the last time you had such a great talk? A talk that stuck with you for days. That broadened your horizon. How you could make a positive difference in this world.

Meetup format

For each Meetup event a central theme will be suggested. This theme is a starting point, to set the scene. Then our associative brains decide where we will end up.

Up to six people will sit together, allowing to properly connect with each other. If more people show up, we will have another table starting their conversation.

Suggestions for topics are most welcome!

Goal: impact

This is not a philosophical discussion evening where we discuss for the sake of discussing. Our topics are connected with society and how to improve it. Here we share ideas how we can. And perhaps these ideas find their way into action.

Who can join

This Meetup group is a great opportunity to meet other open-minded, engaged and positive people. People who listen without loosing their own voice.

This is an English speaking group. If only Dutch speaking people participate, we’ll switch to Dutch.

Looking forward to meet you soon,


Past events (6)

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Walk & talk & have an ice cream on the beach

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We listen, talk, inspire and get inspired

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Conversation topic: The art of Listening. (part 2)

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