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Do you love Colorado, cannabis, yoga, and the outdoors with hiking, biking and camping thrown in? Tired and bored of sitting around after work or on the weekends? Awesome, me too! This group is geared towards everyone, but mainly we are here to assemble a group of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who live and work in Denver but also love to escape on a regular basis from the city, even after work or on the weekends. Colorado is full of amazing things to see and do, so let's do this as a group because you know, its more fun when you add one and go.

Keeping it real, here's the deal, we are looking for people who enjoy smoking responsibly and still being outdoors actively hiking and camping, we don't want anyone to feel like they can't enjoy their lifestyles, and no one else is going to care if you wanna blaze one up or share with the group! :D The idea behind this group is to mix in some of the best things in life that we can do for ourselves, but do them together in a supportive, carefree environment. After age 30 most of us start looking for something that seems missing our lives, something more meaningful, for most those feelings are covered up with other things that are usually self destructive or temporary fixes as we try to figure things out. We want everyone to feel that we are here because we are serious about living our lives in a way that is in harmony with the universe.

The goal of this group is to hike somewhere, then spend some time doing guided yoga together on top of a hill or mountain, we will push our bodies and our limits to build a deeper level of confidence within ourselves and connect deeper with each other.

No tree hugging, dread locks, or vw buses required to hang with us! You don't even have to smoke weed, we will still love to have you come with us! This group is for all skill levels, but you should be in good physcial shape and ready for whatever might happen, we keep a good pace on the trails but we don't try to race to the top either, but when we do, out come the yoga mats, even if you have never done yoga before, just think of it as advanced stretching with a mat, and your body will feel amazing by the time you get back to your car!

Meeting weekly to do at least 1 short hike or an extended trail, at a medium pace, most hikes will be at least 3 miles in total or more.

Past events (15)

Manitu Incline Sunrise Hike & Yoga

Manitou Springs Incline

Sunset Yoga on top of Castle Rock

Rock Park

North Table Top Mountain Hike and Yoga

North Table Mountain - east parking area

Outlaw Yoga

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