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Connecting people in their 20s-40s -any young professionals, students, stay-at-homes, etc who are tired of sitting home watching life go by. Join this group if you're interested in getting out of the house to socialize, make friends and go on fun adventures! Whether it be low-key happy hours, outdoor activities, or extreme sports- we're down to make any events happen! Join if you see anything you like, or if you don't- any suggestions & event hosting opportunities are always welcome! This group is about YOU guys-whatever you want to do, I'm here to make it happen and connect you with other people who enjoy the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Wasn't this group called "xxx"?
A: This group was founded back in 2013. Apparently, it has had different names over the years. The previous name I do know of was "Friends in the Burbs." The current staff changed its name in 2016 when they took over.

Q: Why don't you do meetups in "xxx" anymore?
A: As this is a group staffed by volunteers, we have a revolving roster of hosts. Sometimes we get too busy with work or life. If you'd like to step up and host some events, let us know. For instance, we used to have meetups in Freehold every week. That would be cool if we do them again.

Q: Doesn't meetup cost money? Do I need to pay any dues?
A: Yes and no. Essentially, it costs $15 a month to keep the group open. But some Organizers opt to absorb the costs for you. This is one of those groups. However, there is a that little button on the side which allows you to make a donation. Or you can buy the Organizer a drink the next time you see him.

Q: Is this a group for singles only? 
A: No. Many of the members of this group are in relationships (sometimes with other group members). Couples are always welcome!

Q: Why is there an age limit for this group?
A: When this group got established, there was a dearth of groups which catered to the 20s-30s community. However, there was a plethora of groups which events have members in their late 40s and beyond. I had to set a limit somewhere and that is 1970. While I've made exceptions in the past, this is few and far between. 

Q: Why do I see the same event posted in multiple groups.
A: There are several reasons for this:

> 1. The event host happens to be a host in multiple groups and would like to bring different groups of people together for the mutual goal of having fun and making friends. For instance, there might be an event posted in this group which may be posted in another group which tends to attract an older crowd or it may be posted in another group which members mostly live outside of the area or it may be posted in another group which focuses on a particular subject matter.

> 2. The hosts in this group are also good friends with the hosts in another group (as we both share the same goals of having a good time). There is no "us vs them" mentality. In addition, by commingling events, there are hopes that the members of one group get to know the members of another group and maybe join that other group.

> 3. The event is a publicly hosted event. Meaning that unlike, say, a dinner party or a bar night organized by a meetup group, the REAL organizers of the event are those off meetup, such as local businesses or organizations. We try to highlight events offered by the community when possible, like wine tastings, bonfires, festivals, etc. Our free advertisement and attendance is our way to let them know that we appreciate what they're doing. As far as the other groups who posted it, while few believe this frustrates the meetup community because it "lacks originality", the vast majority of the community understand that "great minds think alike" and no one group has dibs on an event they themselves are not even planning! Just note that if you do see an event like this, the host who posted it will be there.

Q: Can I be an event host?
A: Yes. We're always looking to expand our staff! But please note the following rules:

> 1. Please come to some of the other meetups. This will help the members of the group get to know you and get interested in your events.

> 2. Please keep in mind what I wrote above with regards to multi-group postings. That's fine if it's a publicly hosted event, or you're working with another group's host, but please don't post up for someone else's happy hour without their permission.

> 3. Please don't post a meetup which competes with another already posted meetup. For instance, if a meetup has been posted for Bar A, please don't post a meetup at the same time for Watermark. However, exceptions are acceptable if the activity varies. For instance, a meetup for a hike is allowed to occur the same time as a meetup for a movie night, since those are two separate types of activities. 
> 4. If you run an organization in which you have to pay dues, you cannot post an event in this group in which you have to be a member of your organization.

Q: I run "yyy" group. Would you mind if I post your event in my group? Or would you mind if I post my event in your group?
A: We try to co-mingle with the other meetup groups. It's great to bring people together. That being said there are few cases where we might be apprehensive of such collaborations, mainly if your group has a religious or political bias. The idea here is inclusion! Granted, as I mentioned earlier, if there was a publicly hosted event, and your group decides to post for it after this group does, that's your prerogative. It's just that the goal of this group is not to inflict a bias.

Q: I have a problem with "so and so". 
A: Please talk to one of the hosts or organizers. Harassment will not be tolerated. This is important. We have a female Assistant Organizer if you're not comfortable talking to the Organizer or the male Assistant Organizer. If you don't feel comfortable talking to either of us, I've made an account for people to reach out anonymously if they feel they're being harassed, but don't want to reveal their identity. https://ynfnmoco.sarahah.com/

Q: I'm new to meetup! Other than this group what other groups do you recommend?
A: Depending on your location and interests, this can vary. I'll list a few groups whom we've collaborated with in the past and are pretty solid groups (in no order):

> 1. Adventure, Adrenaline, and Novelty
> 2. 20s/30s/40s Social Group
> 3. 20s and 30s - New to NJ (or not)
> 4. Princeton Social Group of the 20s & 30s

The hosts and organizers of this group are not responsible for any injuries or behavior of any members. You are ultimately attending all events at your own risk and responsibility. Any issues should immediately be reported to the organizers of the group in a private e-mail or message. Please drink responsibly and do not drive while intoxicated.

Upcoming events (4+)

UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane

Brick House Tavern + Tap

Big fights, 2 championships, heavyweight monster ngannou. Seriously go watch a video of him fighting. Brick House Tavern has good food and drink. I made a reservation for 8 ppl, can shrink or expand if needed. Should be fun time!

90's Dance Party at Laurita's Winery (New Egypt)

Laurita Winery

It's a 90's DANCE PARTY!
Saturday, February 5th from 7-11pm!
Come ROCK WITH US during a night of throwbacks!
Tickets are $9 ONLINE and $10 at the door!

New (and Old) Members Meet and Greet and Eat - Johnny Mac's (Asbury Park)

Johnny Mac's House of Spirits

Hey everyone! It's the second Wednesday of the month so it's time for our (seeming) monthly meetup at Johnny Mac's. Johnny Mac's gives out a free pizza ticket with every drink purchase and they have free candy hidden inside a stove if you know where to find it.

I noticed quite a few people join the group each month. I could imagine some are nervous to come out to events in fear of not fitting in with pre-existing groups of friends. Also I'm sure there are older members from long long ago who haven't come out in a while (possibly since we've left the "Burbs" ;).

JS Books and Brews Book Club

Online event

For our next book club meeting, we're reading Anxious People by Fredrik Backman - https://amzn.to/33eSbBe

For health and safety precautions, our meeting will be held online.
Zoom meeting link to come.

Connect with us on Instagram! www.instagram.com/jsbooksandbrews

Facebook event is posted here: https://fb.me/e/1jh6ElOkS

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