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Hey everyone I'm trying to start a new yoga group. It's DIFFERENT. Here's why...It's biblically based. So group sessions will weave christian/biblical teachings mantras, meditation, relaxation, all while improving flexibility, strength, & health in general. If you're a Christian woman or are respectful of those who identify with christianity in general please join! (We do not discriminate other religious beliefs. But this particular yoga group focuses on Christian principles). Let's see how many people are interested in joining and from there I'll either take next steps to get this group going or cancel it. I've been wanting to see this movement happen for a while so I'll gladly pay for this group so long as there's enough interest. The sooner we have enough of a following the quicker we can started so...join for your health, join to meet other like-minded women...lets face it, you can't have too many amazing women in your life. It would be a really sweet tribe. By the way,if you're a female yoga instructor or know one, message me immediately.

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