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The Yoga Sessions at Downtown Camper Hotel are a tremendous success. People from all over the world and of all ages are doing innovative, fun yoga with all kinds of music. So we continue. Master of ceremonies: Christian Wigardt from YesYoga. Last Sunday in the month a DJ will add extra vibe. Classes in English. Beverages served. Limited amount of yoga mats available. And limited space on the floor, so arrive in time. Relax in The Net after class. And - you better believe it! - it´s free of charge. See you - in Game Room or Camper Lounge. Courtesy Scandic Hotels & YesYoga

Game Room @ Downtown Camper

Brunkebergstorg 9 · Stockholm

What we're about

In the quest for balance in life, yoga may very well be a essential part.

For our general attitude towards yoga expressed by the organizer in this group, please visit and On ( you will find our podcasts - quite a few of them are in English.

Basically, we try to avoid static & rigid postures and strive to move in positions. The body loves it. And it´s less boring too.

Our meditation is inspired by vipassana - no mantras or prayers, only focusing on the breath and trying to achieve a resonance in our body.

Free Yoga available now at the Downtown Camper Hotel through the sponsorship of YesYoga, Scandic Hotels and the generous participation of a number of DJ´s, among them our Mexican friend DJ Arkaos and the icon - Curt Lundberg.

"Let´s all walk each other home"
-Ram Dass


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