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Hey folks! UP NEXT: MARCH 11TH!


Get your tickets quick!

And also an invitation to rock on over to my other meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/creativeyogalondon where you'll find on there all the other funky yoga events i'm currently doing! And where I list the raves as well - so you won't miss out! You'll find:

• Social Yoga Tuesdays (Yoga then pub social),

• Yoga Dating (The best Yoga and singles event combined ever!)

• Yoga and Wellness Retreats

• Learn to meditate and body-mind courses

• And special one-offs like yoga picnics!

Welcome to the most spectacular mega ultimate yoga social meetup ever! We live in London folks and the yoga you need is of course inner harmony, relaxation and feel good hormones but also a wide range of banging great music, fun, connection, immense creativity and an after class social all created by some of the most innovative and talented yoga teachers in London!

And did I mention the venue? "The Proud Archivist is London's hottest cultural hub right now with a host of eclectic events" Resident magazine

Just like your favourite nightclubs and raves we have resident teachers and then special guest teachers from around the London Yoga scene, guaranteeing the freshest most innovative and unique yoga event you're ever likely to attend! Events take place at least once per month and possibly more!


Yoga is a great way to connect with other people and this is fun too.

Here's our core team below, with their yoga style and choice of sounds!

RICHARD BROOK (Creative Yoga London)

Yoga: Partner, Humandala, Immense Relaxation:

Sounds: Indie Alternative

LIZ CIRELLI (lizziesaysrelax)

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Sounds: House & Disco


Yoga: Balances & Acro Funk

Sounds: Funky Fusion

Each event also includes a VERY SPECIAL GUEST performing a sound bath meditation! This can be with bowls, gongs, or didgeridoo's!


Ever had a secret yearning to Downward Dog to Snoop Dog? Hero Pose to Enrique? Cow face pose to Madonna? Or just wish that your teacher would play some cool music you love? In what must surely be a first, there will also be a slot where you can request BOTH a favourite posture and song and we will give you a shout out and teach it during the class! Write your request into the comments section for the meetup or Email Rich on the organiser contact link. Mwah!



RICHARD BROOK ( http://www.creativeyogalondon.co.uk )

Holistic expert, acupuncturist and founder of Creative Yoga London - specialising in 'yoga that connects'. Richard already organises and hosts one of London's biggest weekly yoga meetups and his events include Social Yoga Tuesdays (http://www.meetup.com/Singles-Yoga-London/) and Yoga Dating (http://www.meetup.com/Singles-Yoga-London/) (as seen in National Press) here in London! You may also have seen Richard teaching yoga at Morning Glory. "Richard made a great impression on me. He's able to set a familiar atmosphere amongst people who are strangers to each other at the beginning, this was absolutely stunning. Thank you"

CATHERINE FOROUGHI ( http://www.cyoga.co.uk )

Founder of Cyoga here in London, Catherine is seen as 'one of the world's leading and most exciting yogi's' (We don't mess about here!)

The experience of a CYoga class has been described as

'pure peace', 'showed me a place beyond time and location' and 'enlightenment'. You might recognise Catherine from her amazing on-stage inversion's at Morning Glory!

LIZ CIRELLI ( http://www.lizziesaysrelax.com )

Is a dedicated yoga teacher, gifted composer, musician, music producer & DJ. Her background in dance has blessed her with instinctive body awareness – and her classes consistently deliver profoundly transformational results - with a creative twist!



Selected Pictures Victoria Erdelevskaya [ http://www.victoriaerdelevskaya.com/ ] for Indigo Memoirs [ http://www.indigomemoirs.com/ ]

(Please note there will be a photographer present at this event)

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