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Welcome to MoonDanceYoga's Meetup in Windham, Amherst and in Derry NH. It is great for those looking start a yoga practice, continue with a more traditional approach to yoga, want to become more familiar how the body works to create more ease in everyday movement and everyday life. We only have SMALL CLASSES with maximum attention on you, the client, making your experience unique and truly beneficial.

If you're feeling stressed out, running on empty, low on energy with a long list of "to dos" with no tools or idea how you can carry on? There are a number of weekly classes available for you where you can take a step back, breathe and regroup. You'll learn the basics of yoga, meditation, somatic movement so your mind becomes clearer, your body lighter and your stress level more manageable. There is a class designed for people dealing exactly with those issues: some are for beginners – but literally anyone will benefit – and during the course you’ll master enough of the basics and principles to develop a home practice, which then will become one of the cornerstones of your well being. By the time the last class rolls along you’ll have a better handle on life’s ups and downs and obstacles, both physical and mental, with more energy, peace and ease. Through movement, guided exploration, breath work and meditation you will master working with your body and mind as an integrated whole and come away with the knowledge necessary to manage both your physical as well as mental reality from a more empowered perspective. Come join us on the way to a healthier, happier, more balanced life!

Our class options changed as follows (all classes are offered in 10-12 class segments, drop ins are not encouraged but occasionally possible):

Tuesdays 5:30PM Breath, Movement, Yoga - A Beginner's Guide to Practice In Derry.

Wednesdays 9:00AM SomaMoves - How move and feel better at any age, a practice of the Feldenkrais(R) Method of Somatic Education. Suitable for all bodies and all ages. Online class only.

Wednesdays 6:00 PM Primal Hatha - Derry Adult Ed, Derry Village School; 7:30 PM Soma Moves, Derry Village School

Thursdays 5:30 PM Soma Moves and at 7:00 PM Breath, Movement Yoga at Peaceful Journeys Yoga, Amherst

Friday 4:30 - 5:45 Gentle Unwind Yoga on hold; resumes online from January 24.

Friday 7:00 PM - Relax & Renew Candlelit Restorative Class every second Friday of the month. Derry.

Currently all Windham group classes are full, however private and semi/private appointments are available still. I will update group class availability here as soon as a spot opens up.

Registrations for online classes are coming soon. These are live, not "canned" classes. If you have a smart phone/tablet/laptop and internet access, this will be super easy for you.

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