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For anxiety sufferers, often times the fear that anxiety symptoms are out of our control and only a professional or medication can help, can enhance the fear that something is wrong with us or we will never feel peace or normalcy inside. Those fears are compounded in this digital age of constant technology stimulation activating our brain’s fear response with frightening news, social media where we compare ourselves with others, pressures to buy things to make us look better, produce more. This overstimulation of fearful responses in our brains make even normal fear quickly spin to a place that feels out of our control.

The great news is that our ancestors thousands of years ago knew exactly how to manage and control this fear response in our bodies and minds. The ancient practices of yoga, meditation and breath, long forgotten in the fast paced technology and workplace productivity we live in today, are still available to us at any time to help calm and restore our central nervous system and reduce our experience of anxiety in 2018.
These practices can be done independently by anyone and give your body the gift of positive breath and sensation inside, which will create new neuropathways to help bring feelings of joy and ease back to your awareness.

Every human being has the capacity to experience moments of rest, calm and peacefulness, but like any muscle or new skill, this capacity has to be developed through experience, practice and discipline.

This workshop will be co-lead by Michelle Kohn, certified yoga instructor, and Dr. Debra Kissen, Clinical Director, Light On Anxiety. Dr. Kissen will share tips and tools to:

1. Recognize when your body is "on anxiety"
2. Down regulate your "fight/flight" response when your brain is experiencing a false alarm and concludes you are in danger, when you are actually safe and sound.
3. Help promote the feelings of safety, activating the rest/digestion system (in response to panic and as preventative practice)

Michelle Kohn is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Instructor with a specialized training in Mindful Yoga Therapy, used to help military service members and veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress and stress associated with civilian readjustment. Currently, Michelle uses these certifications to volunteer with teachers, elderly and others in need of the benefits of holistic health coaching and yoga.

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