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Living longer in good health and avoiding age-related diseases is one of the most important things in life. Still, most people don't think and act that way, living unhealthy to spend the last 15 years of their lives in sickness.

That's why we are building a community and a platform to connect people who care about their health in a sustainable way and for those who want to make a change towards better health and want to know how.

This group is about exchanging knowledge, best practices, mutual help, and anecdotes in various fields like nutrition, exercise, mental wellbeing, sleep, supplements, intermittent fasting, or stress management, but also in more scientific topics like genetics, biomarkers, and rejuvenation therapies like senolytics or parabiosis.

Who we are: Tassilo and Roope are the co-founders of Yolife, an app in the making to provide a platform and a helpful tool for people who want to live longer in good health and avoid age-related diseases. We both live this lifestyle, being on a mission to enable it for as many people as possible. Join us in this movement!

Find out more: https://yolife.io/ ;

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